Man Power Recovery

Recovery operations with limited man power and material at hand can be successful if you have enough time.

If your vehicle has dropped into a hole or ditch, man power can get it out. First, find an 8-foot length of timber or similar material with a diameter that available personnel can handle. Place a suitable fulcrum near the point of lift — a log or rock that will not move when pressure is applied. Rig the lever under the bumper for the first lift.

Block when you have gained all you can. Rerig for a second lift with the point of the lever under the axle if possible. Lift and block. Repeat these steps until the vehicle can be backed off without too much trouble.

If you are alone and must move a light vehicle a short distance without power, use a lever. You will need a fairly long pole or crowbar, a rope, cable, or chain, and a suitable anchorage for the point of the bar. The distance from the lever to the point of attachment of the tow rope must be quite short to give you enough advantage. You will not move very far at each try, but you will be able to move slowly.