A-Frame Recovery

Narrow ditches, slit trenches, and shell holes can quickly stop your truck. They are common obstacles to off-road movement and maybe hard to see. If your front wheels should drop into one, the A-frame is a very useful recovery tool (Figures 22-9 and 22- 10). It is not very difficult to put together nor too complicated to use. You need two 8-foot poles with a large enough diameter to support the front end of your truck. Lash them together near the top with a figure eight or girth knot; use your tow chain or a length of rope. Dig two 10- to 12-inch holes 5 or 6 feet apart to hold the legs in position when power is applied. Rest the upper end of the A-frame on the hood of the truck with the legs in the anchor holes. Select a suitable anchor in front of the truck. Tie a line from the A-frame joint to the anchor, bringing the frame up to a position where the frame joint is directly over or slightly to the rear of the bumper. Move your winch line through a snatch block fastened to the A-frame joint and secure it to the front bumper.

Winch up the front end of the truck until the wheels clear the ditch. Then slowly back the vehicle off to solid ground. When safely away from the edge of the ditch, lower the wheels and unhitch your rig. If you have no winch, another vehicle may be used for power, though more rigging will be required.