Loose Battery Clamp

When a battery cable clamp becomes loose and cannot be tightened—

  • Remove the clamp; clean the post and the clamp as much as possible.
  • Place the clamp on a flat surface and strike it with a hammer. This will compress the lead and close the hole on the inside of the clamp.
  • Replace the clamp and tighten. If the clamp is still loose, use a nail or other metal object between the clamp and the post as a wedge to make contact between the battery post and the battery clamp.
  • Loosen the clamp, insert the wedge between the battery posts, and tighten the clamp. If the clamp cannot be repaired, use a universal replacement battery clamp provided in the BDAR kit. The clamps in the kit are for positive battery posts, but they can also close tight enough to fit a negative post.

CAUTION: Vehicle power must be disconnected before working on any electrical wire.

WARNING: When working around batteries and battery clamps, take care to prevent tools and jewelry from arcing. This could cause damage to vehicle electrical components and personnel injury. DO NOT smoke or permit an open flame near the batteries because gas from battery acid is explosive.

Source: U.S. Army FM 4-30.31, Recovery and Battle Damage Assessment and Repair