Broken Axle Shaft in C-Clip Rear Axle

The information on this page can be viewed in more detail by watching the videos below.  If you have a broken axle shaft in a c-clip rear axle, you can use items such as a hi-lift handle or a tree branch to hold the tire and axle shaft in place long enough to slowly get off the trail.

tree-branch-broken-axleIn the first video, the driver uses two sticks secured to each other and the vehicle to hold the wheel and shaft in place.  As you can see in the video, the driver is able to move his vehicle along the trail even with a broken rear axle.  The sticks need to be able to withstand the force applied to them with the straps to hold them securely against the tire. As you will see in the first video, the tire is still rolling as he drives away.  You need to ensure that you have someone monitoring and checking the trail repair to help reduce further damage.


hi-lift-handle-broken-axleIn the second video from the BSF Recovery Team, a hi-lift handle is used to secure the wheel and axle shaft.  The hi-lift handle may be a better choice because it is able to withstand a lot of force needed to pull the handle toward the frame to ensure that the wheel stays in place.  As with the stick fix mentioned above, you will want someone monitoring and checking this repair as you slowly move along the trail to prevent further damage.


Broken axle trail repair with a stick


 Broken axle trail repair with a hi-lift handle

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