Basic First Aid

Offroading is inherently dangerous and first aid may have to be administered prior to the arrival of trained medical personnel. There are many different situations which may require first aid, but we will cover some of the most common blow. If you have not built a first aid kit yet, check this page for some ideas on what you may want to pack.

First aid training can be a valuable skill both on and offroad. For more information on how to find a first aid training course, check the information on this page. Some organizations may offer training for free and some may charge a small fee to cover supplies.

First Aid Information:

Downloadable First Aid References

Basic First Aid Information from the Mayo Clinic

mayo_clinic_logoDisclaimer: This information is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, emergency treatment or formal first-aid training. Don’t use this information to diagnose or develop a treatment plan for a health problem or disease without consulting a qualified health care provider. If you’re in a life-threatening or emergency medical situation, seek medical assistance immediately.