Get Out

Covered in this section:

The “Get Out” section of covers information on how to get off the trail either by repairing mechanical issues, providing basic first aid or recovering vehicles and equipment.

We cover everything from a growing section of trail fixes for broken parts on vehicles, recovery information and how to read a map and navigate your way through the area. Land Navigation and Map Reading information is available for maps that use MGRS and maps that use Latitude / Longitude

We even cover Field Expedient Direction Finding for those times when you do not have a compass with you. If for some reason you have to spend a night or two in an austere environment, you can learn how to purify drinking water or build fires to provide heat, the ability to cook and also security from critters.

You can start learning by checking the links on the left listed under the heading “Get Out”. We have a lot of good information presented to you by people with many years of offroading, military and survival experience that volunteer their time to provide this useful information to you..

We do have some products available in our downloads section that you or your group are free to reprint and use.

If you have any information which you think would be a useful addition to, please contact us through the links at the bottom of the page and tell us about it. Our goal is to work together to maintain a useful site containing relevant information that can help other offroad more safely, get people and vehicles out of austere environments and get found if needed in emergency situations.