Get Found

Covered in this section:

The “Get Found” section of covers information on how to be rescued or put yourself in a position to be found more easily by rescuers .

We cover information about communication assets to communicate with members of your group and rescuers and emergency locator beacons to alert others of your position or call for assistance. Marking and signalling techniques and information and establishing a helicopter landing zone are also covered.

You can start learning by checking the links on the left listed under the heading “Get Found”. We have a lot of good information presented to you by people with many years of offroading, military and survival experience that volunteer their time to provide this useful information to you..

We do have some products available in our downloads section that you or your group are free to reprint and use.

If you have any information which you think would be a useful addition to, please contact us through the links at the bottom of the page and tell us about it. Our goal is to work together to maintain a useful site containing relevant information that can help other offroad more safely, get people and vehicles out of austere environments and get found if needed in emergency situations.