Securing Equipment, Tools and other Gear

Securing equipment, tools and other gear is a grossly neglected part of offroad safety.  As a matter of fact, securing items in your vehicle should be strongly considered both on and off road.  The video below (not in English) demonstrates what items which are left unsecured in your vehicle will do during a frontal collision.

Imagine having tools, jacks, backpacks, radios, coolers, and other items unsecured in your offroad vehicle. During a rollover or other accident. Those items will shift and be tossed around inside the vehicle. Items being tossed around inside the vehicle can cause serious injury to all occupants as they are contained within the vehicle.

Some offroad vehicles may be equipped with toe-down points which can be used to attach ratchet straps to assist in the securing of vehicles. If your vehicle does not have tie-down points, you do have several options. We have selected some of the options that we have seen used often on the trail to help secure miscellaneous items. We understand that there are options designed for specific items such as air tanks, fire extinguishers and some recovery equipment and will not cover those options here.

securing-e-trackE-Track System:

The E-Track system is sold in various lengths and you can purchase different attachment points that work with the system. The tracks can be mounted on the floors or other locations inside offroad vehicles to give multiple tie-down points. A major benefit to the E-Track system is that you will have multiple adjustable points along the rails which can be used. The E-Track system is not cheap, but it is worth the money if you plan on securing larger items.



footman-loopFootman Loops:

Footman loops are relatively low cost, can be mounted in many different locations without taking away much room inside the vehicle. Footman loops can range from a light duty loop which could be used for lighter gear or a more heavy duty loop. Footman loops do not usually have an area large enough to accept a metal hook from a ratch strap, but straps can be run through the loops to secure items.




Tie-Down Point:

These are available in several different designs from recessed points commonly used in the beds of trailers to the style shown here which can be mounted to a flat surface with only 2 bolts and allow the point to recess into the base. These points can easily accept most ratchet strap hooks and when mounted properly, can provide a strong tie-down point for securing items.


tie_down_tracksTie-Down Tracks:

These work similar to the E-Tracks system in that you mount the track and use attachment points along the track. These are not as wide as the E-Track system, but allow for the multiple attachment points.



raingler-nettingRaingler Netting:

Raingler Netting is similar to cargo netting, but specially designed to be mounted in many different vehicles. The netting can be used to secure items from moving from the back to front of a vehicle or in the case of a jeep, may be mounted along the rollbars so that any gear stored in the back hatch area will not enter the cabin area during a rollover.