Antenna Flags and Trail Flags

A bright colored flag sitting a couple of feet above your vehicle will help you to be more visible on the trail. Antenna Flags or Trail Flags are typically about 10 inches by 14 inches in size and are designed to be mounted to an antenna or a flexible pole made for mounting the flags. A bright colored flag may help your vehicle to be noticed as other vehicles are starting to crest a hill, reducing the possibility of an accident. The flags can also help in the seeing other vehicles ahead or behind on the trail depending on the terrain. Flags can also help to identify vehicles that belong in your club or group. This can come in handy at large events where there are multiple clubs or groups of vehicles using the same trail systems.

If you do use trails that have low hanging branches, you may want to look into getting a spring that mounts at the base of the antenna or flag pole. This will help to reduce the strain on the antenna or pole if it gets caught on a branch and pulls back. One modification that has been seen on the trail is the inclusion of a tennis ball skewered into the antenna or pole so that when it is drawn back and released forward, it does not come into contact with the vehicle body too hard and cause damage.

You can purchase a flag kit at sites such as Quadratec which offers a kit similar to the one shown in the photo on the right. But if you are looking for custom flags, DW flags (Devil Woman Flags) seems to be the “go to” place on the internet. At about 25 dollars for a custom embroidered flag with the option of buying a pole to mount it on if you don’t plan on using your antenna, the price is not too bad. Here are some photos of some of the flags that DW Flags offers.

Military Jeepers Trail Flag from DW Flags: