Packing Lists

Only you know what you will really need in order to handle any situation that comes your way, but the list below will help get you thinking about some items that you may not have considered packing before.

Vehicle Repair:

  • Basic tool set with tools to help fix the majority of your vehicle’s issues.
  • Duct Tape and or Electrical Tape
  • Parachute cord (550 cord)
  • Small Spool of Bailing wire
  • Fluids such as oils and antifreeze and lubricants

First Aid:


Emergency Marking / Signalling:

Packing list considerations for cold weather environments:

  • Emergency / thermal blankets for each occupant.
  • Additional clothing (dry clothing)
  • Additional hats (beanies) and gloves
  • Waterproof matches or lighters. (depending on the temperature, you may utilize a survival necklace)
  • Emergency candles (can provide a source of heat in a disabled vehicle if needed)