Have a Plan

Prior to departing on your offroad adventure, it is important to inform others of where you will be going and what time to expect you back. Because the weather can turn on a dime, vehicles can break down, people could get injured or you could even get lost, it is important that someone, somewhere knows your approximate location in the event that assistance needs to be provided.

A plan should include at a minimum:

  • Locations of offroading activity to include any trails that you plan on taking
  • Names and contact information for the people in your vehicle and for others in your group such as cell phone numbers.
  • Method of signaling searchers (read about signaling and marking techniques here) so they know what to look for.
  • Estimated time of return (with the understanding that X hours after that time, your not returning will be reported to the proper agency)

A more extensive plan may include:

  • A list of survival / emergency equipment that you will have with you. If a search has to be conducted and is delayed due to inclement weather or bad visibility, this list of items may help to let the search parties know if you are prepared to spend the night. Some equipment listed may be:
    • Emergency/thermal blankets
    • Weather Radio
    • Emergency rations (How much food will you have with you)
    • Water Supply (How much water will you have with you)
    • What channel will you be using / monitoring on the CB?

You can download our trip plan which provides a lot of good information. You can print off the plan, fill in the requested information and leave the plan with someone you trust. The trip plan covers a lot of information that search and rescue and emergency personnel may need to help locate you in the event of an emergency.