First Responder Information

In the event of a medical emergency, are the people that you are on the trail with prepared to answer questions from first responders about your medical history? First responders may be able to treat you more effectively if they know some basic information about your medical history such as:

  • Are you allergic to any medications?
  • Do you have any pre-existing medical conditions such as having high blood pressure or having had a previous heart attack?
  • Are you currently on any medications?
  • What is the contact information for your family physician?
  • Is there another person that they can contact who can answer additional questions about your medical history if needed? (spouse, mother, father, etc..)

Having the information written down on a piece of paper and protected from the elements such as being placed in a plastic bag or laminated is not good enough. You need to ensure that others are aware that the information is available so they can provide it to first responders as needed.

You can download our First Responder Information Sheet which will ask for most of the information that a first responder may need, but if you know something that should be added to the page, you are encouraged to do so. If nobody is able to speak intelligently about your medical situation to the first responders, this information sheet may be all they will have to try to help them give you the best care possible.