Contact Information

Prior to hitting the trail, one important step is to ensure that you have contact information readily available for people that are not on the trail with you. This could include family members, friends, emergency services such as a hospital and even local law enforcement. The contact information should be readily available, but kept safe from the elements such as water and mud. Other personnel in your group should know where this contact information is located in the event that you are not able to use the contact information yourself.

An organized club or group may want to consider having a standard operating procedure to cover offroad events that includes the content and location of contact information. If an emergency arises, you may need to find and use this contact information quickly. Knowing that everyone has the contact information stored in the same location will save time and ensure that people are contacted in a timely manner if needed.

Examples of information that can be included are names, phone numbers and addresses for:

  • Spouse / Significant other
  • Extended Family
  • Emergency Services
  • Local Garage / Repair Shop
  • Other members of the Club or Group not currently on the trail

We offer a free printable personal data sheet that has enough room for up to 8 points of contact with names, cell phones and home phones and addresses. We recommend that everyone in a vehicle have a personal data sheet available for emergencies. Other downloads can be found in our downloads section.